When the world was created by Hindu Gods, different divinities took on different roles: Brahma for creation, Vishnu for protection, Shiva for destruction, and Kama for species preservation. Without Kama or Lust, human species and all species must cease to exist. So, Who can resist the power of kama or uncontrolled lust that consumes you in its burning embers? KamaSutra Yoga, the technique of lustful love, starts with the power of TEASE that starts with gentle flirtation but blossoms into sexual foreplay. Men are more vulnerable to the power of TEASE than are women. KamaSutra lays out conditions under which a man or a woman can engage in sexual TEASE: if the sexual partner is not available, if the partner is unable or unwilling to engage in sexual act, if the partner is dead, and if the partner lacks the passion to lead a man or woman to total sexual release. The TEASE can take many forms: lustful eye contact, gentle but provocative display of cleavage, seductive movement of buttocks, playful spreading of legs to show the female crotch, and obvious touching of the area of female genitals. Women, again, are more adept at the game of TEASE than are men.
AROUSAL manifests itself in a variety of ways. The most obvious non-external sign is the moistening of female vagina (pundai or yoni) and secretion of love juice from the male penis (linga). Females experience hardening of nipples and widening of eye pupils. The female clitoris, the temple of love, hardens and demands touching. Males experience strong erections that is visibly arousing to the woman. Female squirms as her vagina becomes annoyingly moist and wet. She then fantasizes about rubbing a pearl necklace through her vaginal lips and achieve her Shanthi. She must now seek Shanthi, lest she turn into an animal empowered by carnal instincts. She must now seek the male in her body and enjoy the warmth of the throbbing penis in her moist vagina whose innards are throbbing with the ecstatic thought of sangam or union with Lingam. When the arousal is complete and has reached a crescendo, kama dictates that you bring your passion to bear on the fulfillment of lust for lust unfulfilled is lust that should not have arisen. The male penis must now enter the female vagina, and coat the innards of cunt with its libations and love juices. The vaginal secretions must then enter the mouth of Linga and achieve confluence much as river seeks confluence with the seas. Kama is in control of copulation, and vagina milks all juices from penis. Culmination of this session results in seminal fluids filling the vaginal cavity and ensuring species preservation.
Nirvana or a state of ecstatic liberation is the culmination of uncontrollable lust that Kama enjoys creating in all of us. The release of semen at the height of lustful copulation is a symbolic representation of the big-bang that is supposed to have created the universe and all species. Tease and arousal leads to passion when vagina and penis become gorged with blood, seeking ecstatic union. PASSION is fully evident when lovers become possessed of uncontrollable kama, the God of Lust, and become powerless to suppress the carnal desire. Passion is expressed through locking of lips, tight embrace, pressing of female and male buttocks, and rubbing of hands over the female vagina (pundai or yoni) and the male penis (linga). When tongues lock in passionate kiss, the eyes close and kama beckons you to journey into the canyon of lust. Passion must now lead to ACTION, kama commands. You are powerless in the face of uncontrollable lust. The erect penis must now enter the moist vagina or pundai, and drink the juices that are flowing through the female canyon of love. The warmth of vaginal fluids and the smell of female pundai are irresistible. Both male and female experience physical union that must consummate in SHANTHI (orgasm). The orgasmic flow and exchange of love juices ensure that the species will be preserved and Lord Kama will continue to hold sway over over passions and actions.

The journey to SHANTHI takes many routes. The male and the female assume different sexual positions so that they can experience the joy of lustful sex. The female vagina begins to ride the male penis, with the female love-bud, clitoris, rubbing against the shaft of male penis. The female then stands on all fours with her buttocks seductively hoisted up, and commands her lover to penetrate her vagina from behind. She gently lowers her buttocks on the shaft of male penis so that her starfish anus experiences the vibrant male passion. The female then gently pulls the male penis from her glistening pundai or vagina, and positions the head of the penis on her anus; she then orders the male to push his penis in her anal cavity. This marks the beginning of the end of the journey to the land of kama where carnal passion is the operative phrase. The male penis spills his seeds (semen) in her willing anus (kundi) and proclaims the state of SHANTHI by a series of passionate moans. The female (Yoni) reciprocates by screaming her lustful moans indicating sexual satisfaction. The male (Lingam) is now spent and requires the female to go through the cycle all over again. SHANTHI is a wonderful state to be, bemuses Kama. Let the cycle of Tease, Arousal, Passion, Action, and Shanthi begin all over again. SHANTHI!
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