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Nude Yoga, Yoni Puja, Kama Sutra.

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What is NUDE YOGA?
NUDE Yoga is a process by which one achieves liberation of the self, actualization of one's goals, and union with the supreme self through intense meditation, concentration, and commitment. The fact that the yoga is performed in the nude is significant because in the nude status, the toxins in the body find an outlet leading to purification of body and soul. Nude Yoga is a state of meditation in which you journey in the nude into the realm of the sub-conscious, and come to terms with the inner passions, carnal and material desires and wants, and your unfulfilled dreams. This state of trance or suspended animation achieved during the Nude yoga or Pundai Yoga has beneficial physiological and psychological effects, not the least of which is the relief from stress and anger, and a stronger commitment to the goals ahead.
Pundai Yoga is a special form of Nude Yoga

Kundi Puja is special nude yoga Nirvana:   Originates from the Sanskrit word "nirvanam", which means 'nakedness' or "nude" . Pundai is the female cavity from which all life-forms emerge. Pundai (vagina) is also the pleasure hole that conjures up carnal desires and thoughts in both men and women. Nirvana is the art of exploring pundai and linga (penis) in tantric imageries. A more glorified interpretation of 'Nirvana' is a state or place of peace, happiness, and enlightenment. 'Nirvana' is about a state of existence bereft of the cover of deceipt, shame, angst, anger, frustration, and revenge. Nirvana is how all life forms begin - naked and aware of its pristine nudity. Yoni Yoga, Yoni puja, and Linga Yoga, which are performed during the Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga, are performed nude - the way nature intended. Nude Yoga - or Pundai Yoga - helps you identify with the nature in all its manifestations, and get over the shame and guilt associated with our Covered-up existential angst. The purpose of Nude Yoga is to produce guilt-free and stress-free state of mind in which you find a new sense of purpose and pursue your goals with a new-found sense of vigor. In short, through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga, you become a better person, internally and externally.

What is Nirvana Society?
Nude Yoga Society is a private club that aims to promote peace, happiness, enlightenment, and success through an understanding of the inner desires and motivations, and through conscious endeavor to achieve self-actualization through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga sessions. Yoni Yoga involving yoni puja and Linga Yoga, which are the two major forms of the Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga, are the initial steps toward this state of unsullied peace and happiness. Right of admission to this exclusive Nude Yoga club is limited, but if you are willing to explore your inner consciousness with a view to coming to grips with your own karma and your 'kama' - your sexuality - be sure to join in the Nude yoga and Pundai yoga sessions.
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nude yoga for better sex How is goal of self actualization actualized through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga?
The goal of Nirvana is actualized in Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga through efforts directed at understanding your inner unfulfilled desires, passions, and aspirations, and through 'creative dreaming' or 'auto suggestion'.. This process of 'creative dreaming' or auto-suggestion, a major component of the Nude yoga and Pundai yoga sessions, becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, and helps an individual achieve his or her true potential. When you achieve your true ultimate potential through the practice of Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga, you achieve a state of Nirvana - a state in which you can move away from the 'silly' to the 'sublime', and from 'trivial passions' to 'tantric triumph'. Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga truly liberate you from the inner constraints and deliver you on the path to Tantric Nirvana.

What does this process of reaching Nirvana through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga involve?
The process of achieving a state of Nirvana through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga involves getting a grip on your unfulfilled passions, desires, anger, lust, and dreams. The process of moving from the 'silly' to the 'sublime' is about reconciling with your current status and about acknowledging all the current inner conflicts - mostly sexual. Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga help you achieve this conflict resolution. You start with the Yoni Yoga or the Linga Yoga. depending on your gender - and meditate on sexual imageries of the sources of life. In Nude Pundai Yoga, Yoni is the metaphor for the female Vagina (pundai), the place where all life begins, and Linga is the metaphor for the male Penis, which sows the seed for life forms. This process of 'creative', auto-suggestive, and 'guilt-free' meditation that underlies all Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga sessions helps you reach your unfulfilled passions, desires, lust (kama in kama sutra), and overcome anger, frustrations, jealousy, and vengeance. In Nude Pundai Yoga, Yoni puja and Linga puja involve worshipping the female cavity (Pundai or Vagina) where all life forms begin, and worshipping the male penis in its erect manifestation (Phallus) in which the seed of life is sown into the female Pundai or Vagina. Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga are truly liberating Yoga sessions performed totally in the nude!
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                <TD><U><FONT color=#da0000>Does NUDE YOGA Society promote free 
                  sex through Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga?</U></FONT><BR>
                  <DD>No. On the contrary, reaching a state of Nirvana through 
                  Pundai Yoga liberate you from the sense of shame that incarcerates you in your inner karmic vortex, and help you come to terms with your kama. It has been shown that the nude yoga and pundai yoga sessions greatly enhance your sexual pleasures and sexual experience by synergizing the mind-body interactions. Members who participate in Nude yoga and pundai yoga sessions achieve nirvana or orgasm even without the physical act of copulation. Nude Yoga sessions increase blood flow to the pelvic areas of both men and women, and set the stage for actualizing incredible ecstasy even as you are practising Nude Nirvana Yoga.

What is the membership fee and how does one become a member of Nude Yoga Society?
The annual membership fee in the Nude Yoga Society that teaches Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga is US$100. New members will receive 50 erotic videos in MP4 format on SD or microSD card that you can use on your smartphone or on tablets. These erotic videos are meant to spice up your sex life. Additionally, as member, You will be eligible to participate in Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga sessions involving Yoni Yoga and Linga Yoga for special member fees when such such Nude yoga and Pundai Yoga sessions are held in your region. In order to become a member of the Nirvana Society teaching Nude Yoga and Pundai Yoga, and to start your journey toward self-actualization and sublime bliss, download and complete the registration form by clicking on the link below, and send it to us at the address indicated on the form.
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